At Altamont Advisors LLC,
we’ve seen a lot of difficult
markets come and go.

We provide comprehensive financial and retirement planning for individuals and small businesses.

The Value of

Investing in your Future

We provide comprehensive financial and retirement planning for individuals and small businesses. 

A Cup of Coffee and a Second Opinion

When the markets turn as volatile and confusing as they have over the past cycle, even the most patient investors may come to question the wisdom of the investment plan that they’ve been following.

At Altamont Advisors LLC, we’ve seen a lot of difficult markets come and go. And we can certainly empathize with people who find the current environment troublesome and disturbing.  We’d like to help, if we can, and to that end, here’s what we offer:

A cup of coffee, and a second opinion.

By appointment, you’re welcome to come in and sit with us for a while.  Or we could come to you.  Or we could meet at your favorite coffee shop.  We’ll ask you to outline your financial goals—what your  investment portfolio is intended to do for you. Then we’ll review the portfolio for and with you.

If we think your investments continue to be well-suited to your long-term goals—in spite of current market turmoil—we’ll gladly tell you so, and send you on your way.  If, on the other hand, we think some of your investments no longer fit with your goals, we’ll explain why, in plain English.  And, if you like, we’ll recommend some alternatives.

Either way, the coffee is on us

Niles M. Brancati is President of Altamont Advisors LLC, a RIA firm assisting individuals with their comprehensive financial planning and retirement plan sponsors with their investment, fiduciary, employee education and compliance responsibilities.

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Our fully disclosed fees are reasonable and include ERISA 3|38 fiduciary services if requested.

We are a fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm providing truth, discipline and transparency to help you achieve your long-term goals. We Really Plan.

Specializing In:

How We Earn Our Fee


Quantifying goals, crafting a long-term plan, funding the plan with a long term portfolio


Coaching clients to continue working the plan through all of the cycles of the economy, and
all the fads and fears of the market


Analyzing/interpreting the economy and current events


Timing the market, calling tops and bottoms


Identifying consistently top-performing investments

What we believe


  • All long-term investing is goal-oriented and planning driven.
  • The pre-dominant determinant of success is not investment performance, but rather investor behavior.
  • There is no statistical evidence for the persistence of performance; attempting to predict future performance by  extrapolating past performance is a fool’s errand.


  • We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory Firm, fiduciaries. Please be aware that all of our portfolio services: Asset Allocation, Investment Selection, Rebalancing, Reporting, and General Service Requests, along with annual reviews where we invite you to include any other professionals you work with (CPA, Attorney, Etc.) and all family members you can convince to attend- are provided without charge, your entire fee is a consideration of our value as a behavior modifier.


  • We certainly cannot and will not rule out the possibility that our portfolios will “outperform.”  We just do not make any forward-looking statements about that unpredictable and uncontrollable variable, and we appreciate being extended the same courtesy by all other advisors.


  • We absolutely believe that everyone can benefit from comprehensive planning advice from a fee-only advisor, a fiduciary, acting in your best interests only. We also believe that the fees we charge for these services are worth much more than they cost and during our initial consultation we will go into more detail on this important issue.
  • We believe that all financial investing advice and asset management services should be performed by fiduciaries……. and no one else.